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What I learned when I Googled myself

I just googled's why

Rob Barratt, CEO of Industry Leaders posted yesterday that he googled himself, found that he wasn't number one. So he is doing something about it. This morning, I just sent him the following reply to his post.

I woke up thinking about this, Rob Barratt. Yesterday i read the post and nodded along thinking yeah, that's funny. I look forward to seeing what happens with you over the next 6-months.
But i didn't google myself, in fact it didn't even enter my head to do so.

This then clearly was working away in my subconscious... so as i work up it came back to me in a flurry (a) why haven't I done this (b) where would i rank (c) what would that rank mean, and (d)what will the results say about my brand?

Here’s what I found

Research Notes: (1) I don't know anywhere near enough about google and its algorithm, but now I’m curious! (2) The academic, strategist & 6sigma guy in me want to ensure the statistical validity of this test to through measurement system validation (11yr old Apple iMac) and the test is repeatable and reproducible. (3) Luckily, the footballer in me is saying “play the way you’re facing” (if you know, you know)

The Empirical Rankings:

  1. Wow! after 0.39 seconds the top find is my very own profile here on LinkedIn

  2. The video playback of me as speaker at World Forum Disrupt Strategy & Innovation, Sydney where I spoke on "How To Turn Small Innovation Opportunity Into The Drivers Of Growth." This is from 2018 hosted by Crazy Might Work

  3. Is an aggregation site of my stats from my time at Huddersfield Town Football Club

  4. Me being interviewed by Tom Wright, founder of Cascade Strategy my Banking with Purpose interview from last year that's on the Cascade Strategy Factory.

  5. My refreshed Facebook page where I talk & share more about supporting elite and professional sports people transition into careers after sport

  6. Interestingly number 6 is the Instagram of a different @ryangonsalves, one that does some pretty cool stuff with content, graphics and a charitable focus on supporting conversations with kids that learn differently on the spectrum.

Here’s what I think

Based on my highly skewed Apple iMac search it has me top of the list. Cool. What does that say about me and my brand (the one that I’ve never intentionally focused on?). Well, How about…

  • I am a 20yr + professional on LinkedIn

  • I am a public speaker that can talk in front of hundreds (even with a ruptured Achilles heal)

  • I am a former professional sportsman that has performed in front of thousands

  • I am comfortable speaking on a global strategy platform and laugh about how i deal with imposter syndrome as I travel globally

  • I am actively updating my personal Facebook page to reflect my new business supporting sportspeople to transition better, based on my experiences

Here’s what I’m going to do:

So many places to go...but I'll start here:

  • Stay #1 (if I really am) by creating a consistent impact through engaging content and demonstrating real outcomes

  • Keep learning, creating and sharing my experience in and around the fintechs and consumer banking Strategy & Innovation - because it looks and sounds like love doing it

  • Raise my own game of supporting athletes in transition from being a personally-branded side hustle/startup to growing the 2ndwind Academy

BTW: The final results on the first page were:

#7: My talk on money lessons for the next generation with Future Friendly

#8: Me and my two eldest sons winning Team Relay Gold at the Kurnell Triathlon!

#9: Another namesake doing creative things in Dubai

#10: a video snippet of me talking about the innovation opportunity for Australian Banks from 2019

What do you learn when you google your name and what do the results say about your image?

Oh - and feel free to help me with the statistical validation of the above test by googling my name :-)

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