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How to find what energises you and why

To find your passion, look for your energy source

"A life without passion is merely existing" or so goes the quote from Leo Buscaglia.

Finding your passion is very hard and often leaves you feeling a bit worthless when you don’t know what your is.

Yes, when you change careers, you want to get it right. If you’re investing in a career change from the status quo, you want it to align better with what you’re passionate about.

I have found that when you focus on what energises you, it is possible to quickly shape areas of passion. Try replacing “how do I find my passion?” by simply asking yourself “what energises me?”

Here are three questions you should answer to find what energises you:

  1. What gets you out of bed?

  2. What lights you up?

  3. What are you doing when you lose track of time?

What gets you out of bed?

I speak with many individuals who find getting out of bed a challenge. Finding the energy to jump out of bed because of that exciting event or meeting with someone is an awesome feeling.

I remember travelling two hours to make training and games when I played semi-pro in the Welsh Premier League. The journey was a great way to practice signing my heart out and going through my pre-game routine. Reckon I woke up a few people in my Fiesta with the tunes blaring out at 6 am!

I caught up with Bridget Johnston who found that energy when she landed a role at the State Government of NSW in Australia. She found an environment that motivated her and brought balance to her national water polo career.

Ask yourself what you’re looking forward to this morning, this week or the month ahead. What will leave you feeling happier?

What lights you up?

Do you draw energy from others? When Sam Wykes and I caught up about his first role out of rugby retirement, he was in recruitment. He found himself in a cubicle office with just the founding partner and himself making calls to get business done. It didn't take too long to realise that he drew his energy from being physically around others in and around the game. Fast forward to today where he's balancing a portfolio career being a relationship manager at Diamond Sports Group and Co-host on the ABCs That pacific sports show.

Tenaya Sooalo (Phillips) shared with me how her love for basketball was negatively impacted when she blocked out her music and creative fashion design to focus solely on being a pro basketball player. That wasn't great for her development or her energy. It wasn't until she embraced her passion for fashion by launching TEP. Clothing & Accessories that she truly thrived in sport and beyond.

What are you doing when you lose track of time?

I’d love to say this is when I’m participating in sports. But I’ve realised it happens when I’m planning something. I love strategic planning, mind-mapping and sketching out simple solutions to complex problems or situations. Then it's all about figuring out ways to bring it to life. I get to do this during innovation workshops where we ideate, experiment and prototype our way to bringing new things to life - a bit like the career & lifestyle sessions I run! I loved Shannon Cole telling me how he went to take out the bins one morning and ended up on a 5km run…because it felt good to be testing himself physically again after he retired from playing football.

Think back to a time when you felt so focused on the moment. What were you doing? Who were you with? What made that experience so special?

Align to your energy source

Answering the above three questions brings clarity to the passion dilemma.

How can you craft space in your day to spend more time doing them? As @taryn said, give it a go, step by step. If it brings you joy and energy, continue to pursue it. If not, move on to the next activity on your list.

Finding what energises you is a powerful way to kick-start a journey to your passion. Fueling you to get out of bed, come alive and lose track of time doing something you love.

Don't do it alone. If you’re still stuck in the "find my passion dilemma." then get in touch with the 2ndwind Academy to learn more about the group sessions and 1:1 programs we have on offer at

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